September 1992 – Michael’s Observations


Since you read most of my “Observations” in the shoot write-ups, this is a note of explanation about the Night Shoot That Never Was.

There was to be an uncertain turn out. Even though some people said they were coming, I needed a minimum of six shooters to run the new stages, and, as of the end of the Long Range Event, I didn’t have them. This was coupled with the fact of my sleep deprivation (due to my picking my wife up from work at one or two o’clock every morning and then rising at 0430). Also, I felt that I didn’t want to do the concept badly.

So we’re going to reschedule the Night Rifle Event, perhaps to the same time that Wayne runs one of his night pistol shoots. Perhaps we can even cross-pollinate.

Anyhow, my apologies to anyone who drove out to D.M. and didn’t find us there. Maybe it was too much to do in one day, anyway.

Scoring Note: I used a man in the pits, with a radio, to call hits in the 1,050 steel target. The target is no longer on the post — it is leaning up against it. Because of that it doesn’t “ring” as well as it used to, and because it is buried several inches into the dirt it is very difficult to tell whether or not you’ve hit the edge of it right at the bottom.

This also proved that the guys ib rge spotting scopes were right most of the time — but you need someone in the pit for those really close calls. Hell, it’s hard enough to hit that plate as it is. I made one of those shoot-through-the-dirt-at-the-bottom shots myself, and I was glad that I had a man in the pits to see it.

We talked at Coco’s about using Radio Shack technology to perhaps put radio transmitter pick-ups on the plates at 500 and 730 yards. Let me know if you have any ideas on how we can do it.