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Michael Agnew Harries

May 30, 1938 – November 25, 2000

From Michael Harries’ Observations, March 1994
About Death, Guns and the Constitution


One of the things we all agreed on, that night, talking about death, was having some sense of humor about your impending demise.

Jeff said, “If the whole canyon is ringed with enemy riflemen above, say something like, ‘Well Boss, at least we won’t have to worry about doing our dirty laundry tonight.'” You can ease your pain by laughing at your predicament, even if it’s your impending death. Certainly the Gods will.

Since you are going to die anyway, remember what Zapata said: “Better to die on your feet like a man, instead of your knees like a slave.” I think that is a fine statement. And if you go out in fine style, while wreaking much havoc on the oppressors, it will burn your name into the minds of free men and warriors for generations to come — and it will certainly inspire others to defy those who would make slaves of free men!

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” — and give me the courage to strike down those who would defile the Constitution, both foreign and domestic!

“Better Dead Than Blue:” no U.N. Control for the U.S.A.

By the way, a climbing rope is a good resource for “suspending” politicians and their laws with!

Thank you, Michael – the wise!