J Bartell’s Recollections

J Bartell and Michael Harries

How I Met Michael

I was teaching a course on mind control at UCLA and after one of the classes, a man come up to me and introduced himself. He said he was a friend of my father’s and was very interested in what I was teaching.

Over the next few months we had some fascinating conversations. He would tell me stories of his travels and past and I would teach him about controlling pain and how to better develop his ability to understand more about human behavior. It was only later that I learned of his dealings with organized crime and the CIA.

Chauncey was the older of the three CIA agents (referred to as the 3 tramps) arrested in the railroad yard adjacent to Dealey Plaza on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The other two tramps, were Charles Harrelson and "Richard Montoya." Harrelson is presently in prison for murdering a judge. Chauncey was in Dallas that day to deliver documents, badges and guns with silencers. Once the feds learned of their arrest, they were let go

After some months, we had developed a strong relationship. We had so many similarities in our past. Trouble with the law, the Air Force, having an over all dislike of authority, and of course the mind / body connection.

At this time my reputation as a specialist dealing with the subconscious had grown to where I now had heads of state as clients.

It was at this time Chauncey asked me if I would like to do a little work for our government. Of course I thought he was kidding. After all I thought it was clear how we both felt about our government. Don’t get me wrong. We loved our country, but we hated the people running it. Or should I say the corporations.

He explained what was involved: simply delivering a package to another country and or bringing one back. How could I say no, after all James Bond was one of my favorite film characters. Note: Funny, soon left any of my thoughts, after I was later introduced to the very dark side of all of this.

On my first trip to Morocco, I was to deliver a package to someone in Old Town. Old Town is straight out of the movies. Dark narrow walkways with the sun filtering down through the roofs. Just as I made my way down one of the alleys, I noticed three men coming fast in my direction, with their eyes on me. I took off running and the chase was on. I made it outside the walls of Old Town. I got away from whomever was after me.

After arriving back in the US, with the same package I had not been able to deliver, I met with Chauncey and told him what happened to interrupt the delivery. Now Chauncey was a very serious guy when it came to his work. But away from work, he was one of the nicest men I have ever known. He just laughed and said, “Hey, you’re still alive aren't you?”. Of course that got me thinking, could I have been killed? Was that an option?

I told Chauncey I would still do assignments, but I wanted to have some training so in case things didn’t go well, I could handle myself.

Enter, Michael Harries

For more information about J Bartell and Michael Harries' involvement as CIA subcontractors, visit 231club.com